Frequently Asked Questions

How Are The Domains Sold?

All our domains are listed for sale in the marketplace. This means you can instantly purchase them without any negotiations with a 3rd party or an uncertain delay while we manually transfer the domain to you.

Once you've bought the domain via Namecheap, they will handle the entire process of placing it in your account right away - LowHQ isn't involved in this at all. Namecheap is a very reliable registrar and maintains millions of domains for users around the world.

How Soon Can I Use A Domain?

Because our domains are all listed in the NameCheap marketplace the transfer to your NameCheap account should be almost instant. Sometimes there is a delay where they wait 24 hours or so before fully finalizing the transfer, but you'll still see it in your dashboard right away with a pending status if this is the case. If you have any questions about the delivery of your new domain you can contact Namecheap support like you would with any other domain purchase. You can see Namecheap's support page here:

What About Refunds?

Since all our domains are entirely sold via the Namecheap marketplace you'll need to contact their support if you have any questions after purchasing. Buying a domain via Namecheap requires you to accept their Terms and Conditions of sale. You can see Namecheap's support page here:

Why Namecheap?

Namecheap marketplace listings are an incredibly low friction way to get domains into a buyers hands. It's essentially an instant escrow service that means a buyer can purchase a domain and be confident they'll actually get it promptly without paperwork or hassle.

Who Is This For?

I'm always thinking up business ideas & considering domain ideas for them and just assumed most founders had registrar accounts just as full of domains for ideas they plan to get to! Then I met some founders who far preferred working on implementation than ideation - their sweet spot was just quickly buying domain & logo pairs from marketplaces or even a whole up & running project from a broker and then working on it.

So LowHQ is built for these founders. I've curated this collection of names so they can just spend just 5 minutes & $99 picking out a great name here and then free up the rest of their time to grow their project rather than trawling around looking for a decent domain.


LowHQ lists creative domain names for founders & indiehackers to start their next project with a memorable brand.

We've all had a great domain idea for a project only to find it squatted for $10k or even more... LowHQ aims to end this frustration by regularly adding new names at just $99.

Don't believe anyone sells brandable names for just $99? You can sign up for our new listing alerts to see for yourself!

Get New Names As They Drop 🚀

Read more about new listing updates here.

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