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The Basics

LowHQ.com offers up a weekly selection of short & brandable domain names that are perfect for small projects & new ideas. The focus is on 5 and 6 letter abstract .coms that are still fun and pronounceable. The kind of domains with open-ended branding appeal.

The goal is for any founder who's just had a lightbulb idea for a newsletter, SaaS product or new online course to be confident they'll find a quirky and brandable name here - and at a reasonable price too!

Why LowHQ?

We've all experienced the frustration of looking up a potential name only to find it squatted for $20k! Next you might try out a marketplace of brandable domains, only to find the price floor is still comfortably above $1000...

For founders with traction or more serious ventures this obviously isn't expensive - but for folks starting things like small tools, side projects or their first foray into no-code maybe there could be another option?

Maybe LowHQ is the answer... The available domains are curated for quality, limited in price to just $49 and available immediately without any confusing negotiations or sending hopeful emails to whois privacy addresses.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


If you have any questions or feedback you're welcome to get in contact:

» domains@lowHQ.com

About LowHQ.com!

LowHQ lists creative domain names for founders & indiehackers to start their next project with a memorable brand.

We've all had a great domain idea for a project only to find it squatted for $10k or even more... LowHQ aims to end this frustration by regularly adding new names at just $49.

Don't believe anyone would sell brandable names for prices as low as $49? You can sign up to our newsletter to see for yourself!

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