The Basics

LowHQ.com is a new domain marketplace for indiehackers, makers and founders. LowHQ aims to host a wide selection of high quality domain names for sale that are perfect for small projects & new ideas.

The goal is for any founder who has just had a lightbulb idea for a newsletter, SaaS product or new online course to be confident they'll quickly find a strong name here at a very reasonable price!

How It Works

We've all experienced the frustration of looking up a potential name only to find it squatted for $10k! So next one might try out a marketplace of brandable domains, only to find the price floor is still $1000...

For founders with traction or more serious ventures this obviously isn't expensive - but for folks starting things like small tools, side projects or their first foray into no-code maybe there should be another option?

Well LowHQ is the answer! The available domains are curated for quality, limited in price to just two low amounts ($99 or $199) and available immediately without any weird negotiations or sending hopeful emails to whois privacy addresses.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Get In Contact

LowHQ is made by me, David, a solo founder based in Cape Town, South Africa. My main project is an exchange rates API but I'm always bootstrapping new projects like LowHQ.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions you're welcome to let me know:

» support@lowhq.com

About LowHQ.com!

LowHQ lists creative domain names for founders, makers & indiehackers to make their new projects memorable.

We've all had a great domain idea for a project only to find it squatted for $10k or even more... LowHQ aims to end this frustration by keeping the price for all listings to just $99.

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